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Quem gostou de The Last of Us e espera ansiosamente pela sequela engenhosamente intitulada Part II ponha a mão no ar. Sendo assim, não deverá ser novidade de que o jogo da Naughty Dog teve direito a um novo trailer na Paris Games Week. É um trailer violento e um tanto ou quanto gráfico nessa mesma violência, mas a Internet parece já não estar interessada nessa controvérsia. Quem quer saber de violência quando podemos apontar quão musculada é uma mulher virtual?

Chick’s got bigger arms than me.


Go to gym …?


Brock McClain
That “woman” is clearly a transgender. Women don’t have that much testosterone to get that big, unless they use steroids, which is understandable, since in this world you do whatever it takes to survive.

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This game has no graphics.


AsquareM Productions
Nope, no graphics dude. This is the real world.


Because is not a game anymore. It’s a movie-wannabe, where you watch long cutscenes and press some buttons on the gamepad to get to the next cutscene. Gameplay? What for?

Last Of Us GIF by gaming - Find & Share on GIPHY

Roy CB
They are teaching us that The Last of Us is not only about Joel and Ellie, it’s a whole world.


soggy cunt



Lead girl got in touch with Chris Redfield’s steroid dealer from Resident Evil 5.


Les Webster
Apparently, protein isn’t scarce in post-apocalyptic America.


Yogi Bear
Not my proudest fap.

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